On your mark, get set, go! Early Years 3 has just begun their new IPC (International Primary Curricullum) topic ‘The Olympics’!

As an entry point for this sporty unit, all EY3 classes met to watch videos of an Olympics opening ceremony with the gathering of athletes from all over the world and the lighting of the Olympic Flame!  Then we ‘flew’ to various continents to compete in sporting events around the world. In North America they played horse shoe throw, in Asia they played a chopstick race, in Africa, they competed in a zebra run, in South America they played limbo, in Australia they hopped in a kangaroo hopping race and then they ‘flew’ back home to compete in a soccer tournament blowing ping pong balls into nets on tables! Some games needed strength and endurance, some needed agility and focus, and some needed teamwork! During the week we met with our EY3 reading buddies and designed our own uniforms and medals and also played sports brainstorming games. All students were able to then come to our Olympics closing ceremony on Friday and praise our medal winners as well as students who had shown great sportsmanship! Each child received a participation certificate as well.

Well done EY3 athletes- we are excited for the next weeks to come when we learn more about the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo, meet a true Olympic Star and are planning on hosting a mini Olympics for all our LIK students in the spring!

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