Cooperation agreement between Leipzig International School and SV Schleußig 1990 e.V.

SV Schleußig 1990 e.V. (SVS) is the sports club that leases and manages the sports fields behind the school. As is standard in Germany, clubs lease the grounds from the city and make them available for schools to do sport on. LIS has had a mutually beneficial cooperation with SVS for many years, in exchange for the extensive use of the fields the sports club is able to use our gym in the evenings and winter months.
We are very glad to announce that the SVS facilities are going to be upgraded with an artificial turf pitch. For some years now, there has been a desire to permanently consolidate the long-standing partnership between the Leipzig International School and the club in order to be able to provide better and expanded sports facilities to all athletes – both the LIS students and the SVS athletes.

To do this, the two parties signed a long-term cooperation agreement on July 10, 2020. The agreement serves as the basis for successively renewing, modernizing or expanding individual sports facilities on the SVS site.
This year, in a first step, the association has successfully submitted an application for funding for the construction of an artificial turf pitch including floodlights on the SVS side pitch.
It is the mutual wish to start work on the first construction phase in the coming school year and to hopefully complete it this year too. In addition, both partners have already started planning and applying for funding for the second construction phase.
With this meaningful cooperation, the school can provide our pupils with an optimal infrastructure for school sports and enrich our after school options greatly.

LIS Interim Managing Director, Patrik Fahrenkamp, and representatives of the SV Schleusig 1990 e.V. signing the cooperation contract

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