Leipzig International School Wins the International Schools Germany Charity Run.

‘The results are in and it should be of no surprise, considering how many of you contributed to this event and how awesome you are, that we won! We didn’t just win… we ended up winning by a massive 3,432.85 kilometres! An incredible effort!’
Gillian Allen (LIS Athletics Director)

The COVID-19 restrictions are lasting longer than expected and unfortunately most of us do not spend enough time outside our homes. The PE department at Leipzig International School had therefore decided that this should not be a reason to stop students from being active, moving and exercising. So they called for participation in the Virtual Charity Run of Germany’s International Schools, which was set up by Stuttgart International School.

This charity run enabled everyone in the LIS community, from the Early Years children to students in grades 1 to 12, to parents and staff of the school, to participate by collecting as many kilometres as possible over a three-week period (12.3.-1.4.). Participants had the opportunity to donate an amount per kilometre. The sum of all donations during this period was collected and will be donated to Haus Leben e.V. in Leipzig.

This very first LIS Virtual Charity Run of the school ended at the end of last term with 110 participants who raised the incredible sum of 9,842.21 kilometres in only 21 days, which put us in first place against the other participating schools. There were 23 individual primary school students, 62 secondary school students, 36 teachers, 4 administrative staff and 63 parents who submitted runs or walks (118 participants all together). The P.E. team also recorded the distance walked by primary students during lessons and the LIK team organised various events to get the little ones involved.

The children of the Leipzig International Kindergarten were able to contribute a total of €600.00 (€300 was collected by the children themselves through participation in the charity run and €300 was donated anonymously).

Representing all the children of LIK, Olivia and Hagen proudly present the total amount collected during the virtual run. This money is handed over to Haus Leben Leipzig.

Primary and Secondary school students collected a total of €608.00. Another part of the competition was to try and guess how many kms (within 5kms from the total) our athletics director, Mrs Allen, ran in this time. A grade 12 student, Rody, guessed to within 5 km of the total distance that she ran – wopping 332 km. The school has generously agreed to donate the same amount in Euros to our chosen charity. Adding all these sums up, the school raised a total of €1540.00, which will be proudly donated to Haus Leben e.V. in Leipzig.
This has been a tremendous team effort and we would like to thank all the students who contributed to this achievement and supported this campaign so wonderfully. You are just great!!!!

Handing over the cheque in the amount of €1,540.00 to Mrs Michaela Bax, Deputy Chairperson of HAUS LEBEN e.V. in Leipzig.

Leipzig International School is impressed by the great commitment of all the students. “We would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their incredible support and such a motivating effort,” says Gillian Allen, Athletics Director at LIS, who organised the run in Leipzig and is also an enthusiastic runner. “The students managed to motivate themselves even in these difficult times and even won this race in the end.”

More Facts:
Total: 118 individual participants.

Number of submissions received 1,186

Grade 1: Isla – 7.95 km
Grade 2: –   –
Grade 3: Thea – 7.77 km
Grade 4: Bilal – 59.01 km
Grade 5: Dexter – 34.11 km
Grade 6: Chris – 22.3 km
Grade 7: Lisa – 104.33 km
Grade 8: Olivia – 11.25 km
Grade 9: Guy – 144.18 km
Grade 10: Ziad – 93.54 km
Grade 11: Valentina – 176.85 km
Grade 12: Maximilian – 111.11 km
Teacher: Ms Lamswood – 261.01 km
Admin Staff: Ms Lange – 50.2 km
Parent Community: Mr Bone – 131.98 km

Top three schools:

German International Schools Charity Run : Result

School Name Total KM
LIS (Leipzig International School) 9,842.21
BIS (Bonn International School) 6,409.36
ISS (International School Stuttgart) 3,517.82

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