Students organised First Retro Sale at LIS

This week, (14th – 18th June) students in the LIS Business Enrichment Club (part of our school GTA Offering) have been hosting the Retro Sale of LIS sports the school has updated and moved to red and white colours for GISST tournaments.

In an attempt to make some much needed space in the PE department, raise some money for the GISST offering next season and provide some start-up capital for the Business Enrichment Club next academic year, the students have been selling the old blue sports kit at very reasonable prices (items ranging from 0.50 – 4.00 EUR).

In the course of preparing for the sale, members of the Business Club have been learning about elements of project management including organising and communicating about events with relevant stakeholders, creating an inventory of stock, developing elements of marketing, managing human resources of those responsible for the stall as well as an idea of cashflow. Moreover, the experience has given them food for thought for possible business ideas for the coming academic year when they look at expanding on this undertaking to start developing their own product or service aimed at the local community.

The members of the LIS Business Club that have worked hard to host the event are: Leon, Maximilian, Meerab and Julian from G8 and Leila, Aniko and Faust from G7.

Secondary Assistant Principal (Students)/Individuals & Societies Teacher

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