International School Leipzig

Introducing our new Student Council 22/23

Student council is a group of elected students who represent the student’s voice. The student council consists of class representatives from each class and the board members. Every Monday we have a meeting where we discuss different topics that seek to improve our school community. This year, the student council hopes to host events that will raise our school spirit!


Student Council Board Members

We are delighted to inform you that we have elected our board members of the student council. 

The board members are:

President: Jongmoon Ho (Grade 12)

Vice- President: Tina Woltersdorf (Grade 11)

Secretary: Emilia von Wilmowski (Grade 12)

Treasurer: Anika Schmidt (Grade 12)

Communicator: Martín Falcón Valenzuela (Grade 10)


President: Jongmoon Ho

Hello everyone!

My name is Jongmoon and I am honored to be this year’s President of the student council. First of all, I would like to thank all my fellow students and teachers for their support and faith they have shown to me. I vow that I will not take this position lightly, and I am well aware that representing the student body comes with great responsibility. 

It feels like yesterday when I first came to Leipzig International School, and already I am in my last year. To introduce myself, I come from South Korea, and I lived in Italy for 5 years when I was younger. I also love sports and that’s why you can see me in almost every GISST event. I also play football at a local club. 

If you know me well, you probably know already that I can’t give great speeches, I am not the smartest, and I lack in many aspects. I am one of the very normal students of Leipzig International School. However, students like me are who form the school community. I thank you all for giving the opportunity to improve our school to a normal student like me. 

With your support and interest, I am confident that we can make a positive impact on everyone in the school community, including the students of Leipzig International School. We will do everything in our ability to make the best school year! 



Vice- President: Tina Woltersdorf

Hi, I’m Tina, I’m in grade 11 and this year’s Vice President. I love being part of the student council, and have been for the past few years, because it’s an amazing opportunity to help our peers in a unique way. 

A little bit about me, I’m from Germany, although I lived in England for the first half of my life. Sport is essential to me, I love participating in GISST alongside playing football for my club. I also enjoy music, especially playing in Big Band as well as reading and learning new things.

This coming year we hope to make meaningful decisions that will lead to a more enjoyable experience at and around school. My focus will be learning from the current President to ensure that I am prepared to take on the role when needed.


Secretary: Emilia von Wilmowski 

Hello Lions,

My name is Emilia and I am currently in grade 12. This is my 13th year at LIS and the second year that I am participating in student council to make our school an awesome place to be. My role in the student council is the secretary… yeah I know, it sounds boring, but believe me, it isn’t! I get to keep track of all the progress we are making on documents, as well as filtering all the ideas and information we receive.

I believe that as a student body, we should focus on adding, instead of subtracting. That means focusing on constructive and realistic feedback that focuses on what we can add to our school, instead of taking away what we already have. 

Besides student council, you can always talk to me about weight lifting and running as well as anything creative and artsy. Oh and, I love to cook and bake so talk to me about that any time, too! 

Looking forward to working with you! 


Treasurer: Anika Schmidt 


My name is Anika, I’m in grade 12 and have been going to this school for four years. I look forward to fulfilling the role of Treasurer of the Student Council this year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to support the student body in this way.

This is my first year in the Student Council at LIS, but I’ve been in several similar positions in my years prior to this school. As such I have some ideas of what the student council needs to work on; Most important to me among those is transparency and communication. The Student Council announced many projects in the past, but few of them were spoken of again. I hope to ensure the students and school remain in the loop for all projects, whether they succeed or fail. Students should also feel free to speak to us about any concerns they have! Class representatives will do their best to address their peers at least once a week. Otherwise students can reach us at our emails, Instagram accounts or in the hall!

Let’s have a great year together!


Communicator: Martín Falcón

Hey there! 

I’m Martín Falcón, I’m in grade 10 and I’m the current student council’s communicator. 

I’ve been passionate about being a student representative since my early school years because it allowed me to aid the student body in having an enjoyable school life.

Before coming here in 2016, I lived in Chile, where my family is from. The things I’m most engaged in are musical and sports activities, creating compositions for my Spotify, playing in a band with my mates, or competing in GISST.

My focus this year is to emphasize the importance of regular school events and the idea of school spirit, as well as the promotion of communication between the student body and student council. 

Let’s make this the best year it can be!

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