Riveting Topics at the LIS Debate Competition 2023

On Saturday 21 January, Speech and Debating Society members took part in an official debate for the first time, judged by a wonderful staff panel. This was an internal school event with no other school involved as we wanted to try out what it was like to organise and participate in such an event before spreading our wings.

Four teams, split between two rooms, debated on the topic “This House Believes that Free Speech Should Be Regulated”, which gave us all plenty to think about. The winners of this round went on to compete in the final with the motion “This House Believes that Local Issues Should Be Addressed Before Global Issues”. Team Proposition (Olivia, Rosa and Esmira ) emerged victorious, although the judges found the decision difficult and highlighted the improvement of the speakers from the first to the last round.

In the Upper School competition, which actually consisted of only one round, students debated the motion “The House Believes that Military Aid Should Not Be Provided to Countries at War”. Team Opposition (Tina, Francois and Lia) won, with both teams once again impressing the judges with their skills.

This event, which was held for the first time, involved not only staff and student debaters, but also student coaches, timekeepers and moderators, as well as some supportive spectators made up of friends and parents. The whole event was a great success and Fatima and Sara, the two CAS students who organised it, look forward to reporting more soon…so stay tuned!

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