Winter Holiday Hort: 13-17 February 2023

I can make an impact on the world

Day 1:

Do you want to know what happened on day 1? Well read this! We had 5 stations. There were:
Soapstone art/Baking/Willow Hut/Outdoor/Journalists. The journalist group went over to the other stations to interview them and take pictures. The baking group made delicious afternoon snacks for us. The soapstone group started carving their rocks, they look so cool!
The willow hut group began to dig the hole for the start of their hut. While they were doing that the outdoor group were making an amazing shelter! We had a great day and we are excited for the rest of the week!

by Olivia and Esme

Day 2:

The Willow Hut group is toiling hard to finish the first stage on time. The baking club says, “When it gets dirty, it helps to put on an apron.”

You can get creative in the soapstone group, maybe there is something for you. Tips: For soapstone, you need strong hands to carve the stone and make something cool out of it.

Upcycling, but what do they do in this group…, we’ll give you the answer: they colour T-shirts with paint.

by Henrik and Augustus

Day 3:

Today we got a new workshop in holiday hort. It is called Games. Yesterday there was also another workshop called up-cycling. In this workshop we learnt about up-cycling tetra packs into little wallets and giving old T-shirts a makeover.

Up-cycling interview with Josef:
Q: In which workshop did you take part today?
A: Up-cycling.
Q: Did you learn something new today?
A: No Idea.
Q: What was easy and what was difficult in this workshop?
A: Easy: drawing on a paper then on a T-Shirt. Difficult: the markers didn’t work good on a T-Shirt.
Q: What did you enjoy the most today?
A: Colouring and doing a T – Shirt.
Q: What are you most looking forward to for tomorrow.
A: I’m looking forward to being creative and kind of silly. Kind of cool and kind of special.

We all are looking forward to tomorrow because there is a special workshop happening.

by Olivia and Lilia

Day 4:

We got great news!
The willow hut station finished. This is so exciting. Today we have a lot going on, baking club is making cookies for snack. We hope they will be yummy! We also have a field trip today! We are learning how to live in the woods.
Happy Winter Holidays!

by Henrik and Olivia

Day 5:

Can you believe it, it’s already the last day of winter holiday Hort. Today we are taking it easy!
After our breakfast together, we did a little feedback round and told what we liked the most about this week. Everyone had the opportunity to talk and the others listened carefully.

We thought about what it means to be responsible and resilient for something. We wrote this down in our hands on the tree (see Hort hallway).

The last day always means tidying up, so everyone lent a hand and helped to tidy up.
After that, we had a lot of time for free play.

by Ms. Lara & Ms. Uli

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