Strong Performance in IB Diploma and Cambridge IGCSE Exams: Achievements and Reflections

This summer, our students have once again valiantly tackled the demands of the external curricula of the IB Diploma and the Cambridge IGCSE examinations. These are always a challenge, and a test of the rigour of our programmes and the learning outcomes for our students, however, this year the greater test was in the expected readjustment of grading thresholds required by these educational boards now COVID moderations and accommodations have finally been lifted. With this in mind, we are proud of the work our students have done, and as always continue to reflect on results as important data to develop the learning experiences for the students in the future.

May 23 IB Diploma Results – LIS

The Class of 2023 have exceeded our expectations and built well on their IGCSE results in 2021. This Class has achieved the highest IBDP completion rate in the school’s history, with 97% of the Class completing the Diploma in May with a mean average tally of 30 points per student. Moreover, as the most inclusive Class in the school’s history, we’re proud of the 77% IBDP pass rate, with an outstanding 12% of the Class gaining a globally recognised 40+ points (all of whom gained the equivalent of a 1.0 in the German Abitur). Emilia von Wilmowski and Maren Schenk both gained an outstanding 44 points.

June 23 Cambridge IGCSE Results – LIS

We are very proud and encouraged by the results of our IGCSE cohort, the students we look forward to becoming the Graduating Class of 2025. From 427 course entries, 78.2% of all results fell into the A*-C range, 58.7% gaining A*-B, and 33.7% gaining A*-A. Three students gained all A* and A grades, with four others gaining the same with just one B grade in addition. These results should stand our students in excellent stead as they begin their journey through the IB Diploma.

Once again, I want to reiterate how valuable we find this data in our quest to continue to support the students to gain the best outcome now and in the future. As the Secondary School Principal, I would like to extend my congratulations to students and families, and I look forward to the next steps of learning with all of our lions.

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