Culinary Adventure: GAL 7th Graders Wild Cooking Journey

In a lesson full of creativity, the seventh-grade students of GAL (German as Additional Language) had a fantastic cooking session in the hort kitchen on March 19th. However, this wasn’t a typical cooking class; it was an adventure that began in the forest behind the school and culminated in a delectable feast.

The journey commenced with a foraging expedition into the greenery of the woods. Equipped with a keen eye, the students scoured the forest floor for the rare treasure of the season: wild garlic. Under the guidance of their teachers, they learned how to harvest the wild garlic in a sustainable way, adhering to the principles of the German Nature Conservation Act. With respect for nature, they carefully plucked only what was necessary, ensuring the vitality of the woodland ecosystem.

Divided into groups, they eagerly took on the task of following a recipe, tweaking to taste, working together, and ultimately transforming the leaves of the wild garlic into a delicious pesto.

Some chose to really play the part with chef hats and aprons and suddenly our students transformed into cooking show hosts. Cameras rolled as they showcased their culinary prowess, guiding viewers through each step of their pesto-making process with flair and enthusiasm. They showed their skills in chopping, roasting and blending.

When the smell of freshly made pesto filled the air, it was time for the tasting. Students and teachers gathered around the table with crispy baguettes to try what they had made. Everyone loved the flavours, showing how well the students worked together.

The seventh-graders not only proved themselves as chefs-to-be and environmentalists, but also as experts in the German language, using the imperative, modal verbs and topic-specific vocabulary.

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