Tortilla Española – G9 Style!

One of the greatest adventures you may encounter in LIS, is certainly taking a whole class into the kitchen. Especially, when the challenge is to follow instructions in Spanish and to cook a culturally different dish like a tortilla española, which many may have not yet encountered.

Our G9 students deserve a round of applause. Before arriving at this challenge, the whole class was really dedicated to learning the hidden secrets of this traditional recipe for 2 weeks. How to follow instructions using the complex use of imperative verbs and studying how to apply the use of these types of sentences in announcements and giving suggestions, were some of the things we looked into to equip them for this class.

On the day of the event, students were required to put language into practice: vocabulary and grammar combined with organizational and social skills and, finally, a spice only creative thinking to solve unpredicted situations. Thinking ahead about things like not having a plate big enough to flip the pan and make the beautiful shape of la tortilla…

There it goes! Without hesitation, these independent chiefs suggested turning it into a “revoltillo y omelet” con papas y cebolla. An original combination made a distinctive outcome and delicious lunch at the end.

Well cooked! Teamwork, language and organizational skills in practice!

G9 Spanish Teacher: Ms. Carolina Lander

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