Isabel Van Dyk – “Good Luck Grade 12”

Speech from 17th April 2024 by LIS IB Coordinator, Isabel Van Dyk, to the Grade 12 Class on their last official day of school.

Dear Grade 12,

What an extraordinary journey we’ve shared! Here you are, at the precipice of a significant milestone: the conclusion of your secondary education. Yet, remember, the road of learning extends far beyond these walls. Brace yourselves, for the most profound lessons lie ahead—the lessons of life itself.

You might find yourselves pondering, “How do I move forward when faced with adversity? Am I on the right path? What steps do I take when the impossible looms before me?”

Let me assure you, the answers often reside not in external validations but within each of you. We’ve spent countless hours in reflection here, and I trust you’ll carry that invaluable skill with you as you step forward.

I, too, have taken a moment for reflection—the 3-2-1 approach:

  • Three observations from our time together:
    1. The adolescent brain, with its complexities and surprises, has shown me that even when guidance is clear, your paths to understanding and action may differ.
    2. Time management might not be your forte just yet, as ‘deadlines’ often translate differently in your minds.
    3. Each day with you has been a vibrant reminder that my role is not just to educate but to engage and be challenged in return.
  • Two impacts you’ve had on me:
    1. Observing your journeys — watching you overcoming hurdles, growing not just in knowledge but in spirit, and maturing into young adults—has been incredibly rewarding.
    2. The joy of working with you, supporting you, and sometimes chasing you down the hall, has filled my days with purpose and laughter. The silence of tomorrow, without your energy filling our space, will be profound.
  • One wish for you: I wholeheartedly wish you success in your upcoming exams. Make your teachers proud, they worked hard to get you where you are today! This is your time to showcase the resilience and self-discipline you’ve developed. Use your time wisely—embrace the quiet, focus on your goals, and remember, these efforts are for you, you hold your future in your own hands.

Good luck, and may your futures be as bright and bold as the spirits you’ve shown here.

With all my heart,

Isabel Van Dyk

LIS IB Coordinator

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