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News: Portable Classroom Removal

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our educational service, not just for the present moment but also with an eye towards refining our strategy for the future.

As you may know, we have housed our Modern Language Centre (MLC) in temporary facilities on the school grounds for a number of years now. This arrangement was necessitated by the fact that we are a growing school and with the previous room allocation, the school building could not house all the departments we need to offer a full international school syllabus.

Portable classrooms on the campus.

The MLC modules were planned and placed as an interim solution and the classroom quality is not comparable to that of the school building. In addition to the rising cost of renting these portables, they are maintained and fire-safety accredited more frequently than permanent buildings.

These factors, as well as the need to start looking for future solutions to our spacing needs have informed the decision to remove the MLC block in autumn. We have decided to act now before it becomes a permanent fixture.

Our astute Head of Facility Management has been working on finding an efficient solution to our present classroom needs all year. Aiming for sustainable results and maintaining the standard of excellence we are accustomed to, she has expertly managed to accommodate everyone’s needs while creating more space in the school yard and stream-lining certain functions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

We are very pleased with the results of her diligent work. The class changes will take place before the start of the new school year and the new classroom listings will be presented in the reception area on the first day of school, as usual.

The modern language classes will move to the 3rd floor and a number of administrative and support positions will be consolidated in the Business Office and the Loft to make space in the school house. In addition, Primary school children do not have to leave their classrooms anymore for German lessons. This will save them going back and forth during their well-earned breaks. Primary parents will also be happy to hear that we have increased the number of German teachers in the Primary School to five. The additional German teacher will support the ongoing need to have all our children become fluent in spoken and written German as early as possible during their school career.

Such changes give us opportunity to reassess our needs and look to the future growth of the school. It may take everyone a little while to get used to the adjustments but we are pleased with this carefully considered solution.

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