Australia Bush-Fire Fundraiser a Huge Success!

With 70 nationalities represented at LIS, we have the benefit of understanding global events from a personal perspective. Our Australian Early Years 3 teacher, Ms Beth, was so saddened and moved by the plight of the people and animals in her home state of South Australia that she mobilized the LIK and LIS community to hold a fundraiser on the 27th January. In total the Kindergarten managed to raise a whopping €1216 (including €116 from LIS).

To explain what is happening in Australia Ms Beth filmed a short video with a few of her pupils. The Early Years 3 class has just finished their IPC (International Primary Curriculum) unit “Our World” which included looking at habitats. This coupled nicely with considering habitats under threat.

One day after Australia Day (26th January 2020) the Leipzig International Kindergarten turned out a generous sale of baked goods to raise money for the RSPCA in South Australia. Our families really showed their support for this worthy cause as a global community.

A few compassionate Grade 6 students decided to host a bake sale at the LIS campus as well and donate the proceeds to the LIK initative. They sold cakes at lunch time and brought the leftovers and their profits to the Kindergarten in time for the afternoon sale.

Grade 6’s handing over their profits to Ms Beth at the Kindergarten.

Lots of parents and EY3 pupils helped hand our goodies and count change and most importantly, clean up. Thank you to everyone who brought delicious things to eat and also those who gave of their time and energy in helping out.

If you couldn’t make it to the bake sale but would still like to donate to the cause you can do so directly to…

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