Creativity in the LIS School Garden

Among the wide variety of projects surrounding the School Garden, we decided to start the year off with the “Plant Sign Design ” project which was offered to us by Mrs Vogel Sirin. The goal had been to brighten up the School Garden by replacing the withered and damaged plant signs with refreshed and improved ones, which carry the name of many new plant additions in the School Garden. 

These signs will now make it easier to see the wide variety of plants the School Garden has to offer and will capture the interest of the younger students visiting the School Garden as the bright colours and interesting names will encourage them to learn more about these. 

We chose this project as we both have a very creative spirit and adore painting. Therefore this project had been perfect as it allowed us to not only share our passion with others but also to express ourselves creatively with these signs, sharing the joy with others. 

The purpose of this project was mainly to create colourful and attractive plant signs for each of the plants found in the School Garden. However, we did come across some difficulties. The most prominent challenge we encountered, was the insufficient supply of wooden blocks for the remaining plant signs we still had to paint. But after getting in contact with Mrs Vogel Sirin and the Hort department, we were able to obtain more wooden blocks and could continue to paint and label each sign. After this momentary shortage, everything continued to run smoothly. 

During the entire process of creating and painting various plant signs, we were able to learn many skills and expand on our creativity as we tried to paint every sign with an individual design. One of the newly acquired skills was woodworking as the signs had to be attached to wooden sticks for them to be able to be placed in the school garden to each of the allocated plants. After collecting the wooden sticks they had to be cut into smaller, equal pieces as they were only supplied to us in large sizes. After this, they were carefully nailed to the signs, which was a job quickly done, and then transported to the School Garden in which they are now showcased. 

We were also able to learn other things, like the latin names of the plants, but most importantly we learned how to work efficiently in a team as there was a lot of research which had to be completed beforehand and we only had a specific time period where we were able to paint and label the signs. Therefore time management was an important factor that we were able to handle quite well in combination with other external projects which were running alongside. 

With the plant signs now finally being put on show in the School Garden, it is evident that they brighten up the School Garden a bit further, considering how charming it already was beforehand, and now bring a little more life into it by replacing the old and weathered down signs. We are very satisfied with ourselves and feel as though it was a wonderful experience helping the School Garden and being able to see how their work has paid off. 

Additionally, we want to thank Ms Vogel Sirin and the Hort department greatly for all the support and help during the course of our project!

Maja Meinhardt

Ludovica Lupia

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