Making the Transition to LIS Secondary School a Smooth One

2023 is an important year for our G5 students which will see the culmination of their time in the primary school and the move to the secondary school at LIS. We hope that this is an exciting time filled with interest and enquiry. I am sure that there are a number of questions surrounding this move and a considerable change in the number of teachers that they will now have contact with, a number of new and different subjects, the need to move around the building as well as other increased responsibilities and privileges that they are given.

Plans are well-underway to help answer many of these questions and to help frame this transition to secondary school. It is a process that will start in earnest following the February break and introduce them and their families to a number of different teachers and peers from secondary school to help give them a taste of what they can expect. Sessions will include Grade 8-led workshops on organisation, planning and activities, taster lessons in French and Spanish to make an informed choice about 3rd language courses, taster lessons with the Expressive Arts team, a step-up day to experience a full-day in secondary as well as numerous points of reflection and exchange with me, Ms Elms, their G5 home room teachers and our current G6 form tutors. We hope that it is a fun, supportive and helpful experience and marks an important point in our G5s’ continuing journey of learning.

The LIS learning community is engaged with and inspired by learning that is shared, intentional and focused on growth.

Secondary Assistant Principal (Students)/Individuals & Societies Teacher

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