About Us

As a learning community we take a holistic approach to education. We welcome you to explore our website to gain a deeper understanding of the educational experience and community LIS has to offer.
We empower all learners on their personal journeys of growth and challenge them to make a positive impact on themselves, our community and the world.

  • One school approach – from nursery to graduation
  • Warm welcoming learning community
  • Small classes allow for individual attention
  • Multi-cultural, multi-lingual setting
  • Inquiry based international curriculum
  • Exceptional co-curricular activities including after-school care (Hort)
  • Opportunities to join LIS at all grade levels

Our mission

Leipzig International School is an inclusive learning community which empowers and inspires today‘s learners to make meaningful impacts in tomorrow‘s world. 

Our vision

Learning to be a Citizen of the World.

Our Values


  • We have the courage to listen, empathise, persist, follow our passions, and grow.
  • We have the courage of our convictions knowing that we are members of a supportive and respectful learning community.

Lions are INCLUSIVE:

  • We embrace diversity by celebrating our common humanity, empowering all learners on their personal journeys of growth.

Lions are PROUD:

  • We recognise the unique opportunity we have as members of the LIS community and we enthusiastically embrace our responsibility to make a positive impact on ourselves, each other, and the world.


Established in 1992  |  Private, non-profit school

Class Size Limit
Average IB Score


Join Us!

We invite you to connect with a member of our Admissions team and arrange a tour that fits your family’s needs and schedule.

We offer personal tours onsite or virtually, guided by one of our Admissions team members, who will answer all your questions.