At Leipzig International School we offer a dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual international learning environment from Nursery to Grade 12. We are laying the foundation for all future successes of our learners and building a strong foundation for academic and personal growth in an inspirational setting.

Through our wide variety of learning experiences and our strong language programme, we equip our learners to become expressive communicators, thinkers, inventors and leaders. In our rich, diverse and inclusive community we empower today’s learners to make meaningful impacts in tomorrow’s world.


In a dual language setting with a One Teacher One Language approach (OTOL) children in our nursery are encouraged to speak both English and German. They are naturally developing social and emotional as well as self-care skills in a dynamic and nurturing educational environment.

  • Learn through play
  • Dual language development
  • While developing social and emotional skills


Leipzig International Kindergarten
Through experiential learning with field trips, visits from community members or forest walks we encourage natural curiosity and enable individual development through our specialised Music, Sport, Art and German programmes. At Leipzig International Kindergarten we provide a warm, caring and childcentred environment with a high-quality, innovative, international learning framework to ensure the best possible start in life for your child.

The Käferhaus Kindergarten offers a friendly, German speaking learning environment in homogeneous age groups. We spend a lot of time outside in our large, purpose built play area and in the neighbouring forest where the children experience nature first hand, get exercise and fresh air.


In our Primary Programme we cultivate courageous young learners who are interested in the world and their role in it. We incorporate the natural curiosity of young students in our curriculum and emphasize critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills, problem solving and interdisciplinary learning. We offer experiential learning through:

  • Small classes
  • A collaborative and inclusive learning environment
  • And exceptional After-School-Care in the LIS Hort

Middle School

In our specifically tailored Middle School Programme (Grades 6 – 8) we allow our learners to explore broadly and discover their individual preferences and strengths. To further conceptual understanding, our curriculum connects learning to real-life experiences and encourages our learners to take appropriate risks, allowing (self)reflection, building self-esteem and motivating them to achieve success in and beyond school. The LIS Middle School experience

  • recognises the social, emotional and physical change of these learners,
  • encourages learners to advocate for themselves and demonstrate increasing responsibility,
  • through small classes, allowing for individual care and attention.

High School

In the High School programme (Grades 9-12) we offer our learners exciting subject choices to further develop their individual interests and talents in a supportive, diverse environment. With a rigorous, international, academic programme we pave the way for our learners to define success and become active world citizens. LIS High School

  • Offers the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programmes
  • A variety of enrichment opportunities in culture, sports and sciences
  • Incorporated information technology and digital citizenship skills
  • Academic and career guidance 

Beyond LIS

The Beyond LIS Team provides our learners with support regarding future education and career planning. In the categories Careers Education and Guidance, University Admissions and Applications as well as Alumni Affairs we identify individual strengths and provide up-to-date information about relevant topics.

  • Link to the world of work
  • Career advice and planning
  • University guidance
  • Alumni engagement

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