Our Story

The history of LIS and indeed of Leipzig itself is a testament to what can be achieved when a few people have a vision and take a courageous step. 30 years ago, our founders could see the need – then and in the future – for a school that would enrich the landscape of education in the Region and would make the city more attractive to business and investment. Their vision – their bold risk-taking and collaboration with the city brought us to be what we are today – a flourishing school in a thriving Leipzig.

– Elio Curti –
Chairman of the Board
Stiftung International Education Leipzig

17th August 1992
Historic Meeting

Founding meeting of the Registered Association Leipzig International School. (Leipzig International School e.V)

Elke Urban, Ursula Lehmann-Grube, Todd Becker (US Consul General), Frank Laske, Wolfgang Kunz, Karla Schönebeck and Ms Günar.

Todd Becker holds in a bag the funds needed to found the association.

Along with the help of many volunteers and benefactors who generously gave their time and donated funds, they built a school from nothing.

I5th September 1992
First Day of LIS

Jane Penson and the first LIS learners; Thanh Mai Vuong, Julia and Therese Pauselius enjoy their breakfast while final touches are being made to the newly renovated villa in the Kirchbergstr 48.

First Head of School

Harry Gould poses with the entire population of Leipzig International School.

Mr Gould’s lasting legacy was the introduction of the IB and IGCSE curriculum.

New Premises

Leipzig International School moves into its new premises in the Razelstr 26.

100th Learner

Leipzig International School welcomes its hundredth learner Paula; who had just moved from Finnland to Germany.




A New Home

The City of Leipzig sold the school building to LIS on the condition it be shared with the Carl-Goerdeler-Gymnasium for the remaining 4 years of that schools existence.
The only toilet facilities for the whole school were located in the school yard next to the old gym. Not easy if you were having a lesson on the top floor.

New Head of School

Michael Webster joins LIS as the Head of School. At the time he starts student numbers have sunk to 75 with seven teachers on staff. By the time he retired in 2009 student numbers had grown to 550 with 70 teachers.

First IB Graduates

Tyler Poinar, Tim-Uwe Stockmeier, Christina Förtsch and Erwin Schoof are Leipzig International School’s first International Baccalaureate Graduates.

Renovation of the School Building

Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung, LIS Board Members and other city representatives watch as Hannah Petersen buries a time capsule into the foundations of what is today our sports hall.

New Head of School

After eight years of invaluable service, Michael Webster retired in July 2009, handing over to Roel Scheepens from The Netherlands.
In 2010, the outdoor facilities were redesigned and a versatile playground for younger children was built.

Accreditation by NEASC and CIS

The self-study for accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) was completed in June 2011, and in September 2011 the Board held a planning session with staff, students and parents to develop the strategic plan as a result.
Accreditation was granted by both sides in January 2012.

New Head of School

David Smith joined LIS and would go on to serve seven years, overseeing the expansion of the school with the Kindergarten, an significant uptick in enrollment, the move from registered association to foundation and would steer the school through the pandemic years.

Grand Opening of the Kindergarten

Then known as the Early Childhood Center, the Kindergarten opened its doors in the Karl-Heine Str to children from the ages of 1 to 6.

Establishment of the LIS Foundation

The Board of Governors changed the legal status of the school and it’s governing body from a registered association and its board to a non-profit limited company and a registered foundation, today known as the Foundation International Education Leipzig.
Left to right: Skadi Beblo, Jana Näther, Elio Curti, Christopher Smith, Patrik Fahrenkamp, David Smith and Thomas Pessara.

New Head of School

Brandie Smith’s leadership and experience has been a catalyst for positive change and energy. In her almost two year tenure she has already overseen a new strategic plan development, a renewal of the visual identity of the school, steered LIS into a new accreditation cycle and implemented visionary change. Using the 30th Anniversary year as an opportunity to take an in depth look at how things have been done, Ms Smith is guiding the school into a courageous, inclusive and proud future.
Seen here with the Board of the Foundation International Education Leipzig; Patrik Fahrenkamp, Elio Curti, Brandie Smith, Axel Möring and LIS Commercial Director, Johannes Barabas.

30 Years and Counting

Celebrating the Legacy and Future of Leipzig International School.



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