Campus Life

As an inclusive learning community, LIS offers a balanced and rich campus life. Through our celebration of diversity, we empower all learners on their personal journeys of growth. Diverse opportunities in the arts, music, sports and sciences allow every learner to follow their passions and discover new ones.

Our school offers an exceptional programm outside of the classroom, which gives learners unique opportunities that can only be experienced at LIS.

Student support

We believe that all learners deserve the opportunity to grow, enjoy learning and reach their full potential. Our whole school Student Support Team offers counselling, learning support and medical care in collaboration with parents, staff and external professionals to ensure an inclusive learning experience.

  • Acknowledgment of personal strengths and needs
  • Furthering language learning
  • Individual care and support


At LIS we give our students the opportunity to engage in a whole day of learning in and outside of the classroom. With a variety of co-curricular activities, every learner can explore their passions and develop new talents through sports, languages, arts, music, sciences and more.

  • Leadership opportunities in Student Councils, Model UN etc.
  • Holiday Camps – Surfing, Skiing Trips
  • Global and local engagement

School garden

In the LIS School Garden our learners actively engage with nature. Parents and student come together to cultivate our green classroom and bring sustainable, community projects to life. Our learners annual harvest is shared at our Farmers Markets. In our school garden we learn together, grow together and celebrate together as a community.

  • Exploring in an ecological context
  • A space to build, create and get messy
  • Edible classroom

Join us!

We invite you to connect with a member of our Admissions team and arrange a tour that fits your family’s needs and schedule.

We offer personal tours onsite or virtually, guided by one of our Admissions team members, who will answer all your questions.