Middle School

In the LIS middle school from Grade 6 – 8, we promote learner-centered inquiry and collaboration, empowering all learners on their personal journeys of growth. Middle school is a unique time in a learner’s life. We provide a nurturing and responsive environment where young adolescent learners are able to explore and develop their identity. Our goal is to provide a space where they can thrive in this formative time in their lives.

Learner-Centered Approach

Middle School serves as a vital bridge between the foundational years of primary education and the advanced challenges of high school. Our curriculum allows deep and focused learning, exploration and reflection in a wide variety of subject areas, ranging from expressive arts, language acquisition and individuals and societies to mathematics, language and literature, and experimental sciences.


The LIS Middle School learning experience fosters social-emotional learning in a holistic learning environment. Here learners develop their critical thinking, research skills and mindsets necessary for future success. These skills can only truly flourish when built upon a foundation of traits and learning attitudes, such as self-management, responsibility, and resilience. We are dedicated to nurturing these essential qualities both inside and outside the classroom.

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