Middle School

In the LIS middle school from Grade 6 – 8, we promote student-centered learning, inquiry and collaboration, empowering all learners on their personal journeys of growth. Our lesson length – approximately 80 minutes – allows deep and focused learning, exploration and reflection in a wide variety of subject areas, ranging from expressive arts, language acquisition and individuals and societies to mathematics, language and literature, and experimental sciences.

Student Centered Learning

Our LIS teachers guide students to deeper, conceptual understandings which can be linked to both local and global real-world contexts and applied to new areas, ready to innovatively help solve the biggest challenges of our time. To this end, students in the LIS middle school are given time each week for self-directed learning and collaboration, and given homework tasks that are deep, rich and ongoing.

Exploration & Reflection

We teach to promote individual critical thinking and research capacity, aware that these can only be built on more holistic foundational character traits and learning dispositions such as self-management, responsibility and resilience, all of which we strive to engender both in and outside of the classroom. As an inclusive learning community, communication is key to what we do and in classes like perspectives, as well as in the opportunities afforded in form time, after-school enrichment activities and the GISST sports program, our students learn to listen, empathise, make a difference and grow.

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