Beyond LIS

The Beyond LIS team is dedicated to empowering our learners by providing them with the inspiration, resources, and guidance needed to make informed decisions about their future education and career paths. The team’s work is guided by our values ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities and support.

Beginning in Grade 6, young learners are encouraged to explore their individual strengths, values and interests and are helped to understand how these attributes can contribute to their long-term career goals. From Grade 11 onwards, our team organises information sessions tailored to each country’s higher education system.  Additionally, our learners are given the opportunity to attend university fairs and presentations and to interact with representatives from different institutions.

Careers Education and Guidance

Our inclusive approach ensures that all learners have access to psychometric testing, which can provide valuable insights into their strengths and areas for development. Furthermore, we offer workshops on crafting strong CVs, cover letters, and gaining work experience, equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive job market.

We believe in the power of networking and collaboration, which is why we invite professionals from various fields to share their valuable insights and expertise. Additionally, we foster partnerships with local organizations such as the Arbeitsagentur, Stadt Leipzig, and Lancaster University Leipzig, allowing our learners to participate in events and programs that expand their horizons and enhance their career prospects.

Work Experience

Practical  work experience is an opportunity to spend two weeks working in a company or occupational field of particular interest. The work that students do depends on the company, but should be varied and help them to discover more about the industry or sector and the roles within it.

If your company is interested in offering insight days, work experience or a talk about your organisation (or industry) please contact Nicola Edger at

Are you a university representative?

Being an international and diverse community means our students invariably enrol in a wide range of courses and universities around the world.

If you would like to share information about your institution, we would be delighted to welcome you at the School. To arrange a presentation (in person or virtual), please contact Birgitta Hall at


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