Leipzig International School offers a dynamic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual international learning environment from Nursery to Grade 12. We are laying the foundation for all future successes of our learners and building a strong foundation for academic and personal growth in an inspirational setting.

Through our wide variety of learning experiences and our strong language programme, we equip our learners to become expressive communicators, thinkers, inventors and leaders. In our rich, diverse and inclusive community we empower today’s learners to make meaningful impacts in tomorrow’s world.

Nursery (Ages 1-3)

The Nursery day inspires our children to play, act and explore. In our comfortable, secure and friendly environment, they are able to make connections with each other, their educators and the world around them. Our nursery programme embraces the idea of developing the whole child, allowing them to develop their creativity, self-confidence and willingness to learn.

  • Child-centred creative spaces
  • One Person One Language policy (German and English)
  • Caring, passionate educators


Early Years (Ages 4-6)

Within our Early Years programmes children investigate, watch, listen, talk, discuss, create and communicate – in other words play. Through play, in German and English, children explore the world, learn about routine and develop early literacy and maths skills. They are encouraged to develop positive relationships, build confidence and self-awareness including managing their own feelings and behaviours. The Kindergarten gives room to our children’s voice and choice where they can explore our large outdoor spaces, library, indoor gym, art and music room.

  • Building future academic skills
  • Further focus on developing German and English language fluency
  • Fun, playful, joyful environment

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