Within our Primary school we encourage young learners to become courageous and passionate about the world and their role in it. We incorporate their natural curiosity within our balanced curriculum and emphasize critical thinking, entrepreneurial skills and creativity through  interdisciplinary learning.

Our passionate Primary school community focuses on student learning and well-being, encouraging positive relationships, fostering self-development and leadership skills.

Engaged Global Citizens

Our goal is to empower and inspire our learners to develop a passion for life-long learning and make an impact on the world they live in.

Our primary curricula are aligned with International and German competencies. Beyond core subject areas our learners have opportunities to explore interests through individual inquiry projects and a wide variety of offerings in the afternoon, including makers space, dance, athletics, languages, music, drama and art.

“I have teachers and friends from all over the world.”
Thea, Primary School learner

“We get to teach the greatest kids, here at LIS.”
Leslie, Community Ambassador

Empowered Learning

At LIS we recognize that children learn best when bigger concepts are embedded in real life context. Students have opportunities to inquire, explore and take ownership of their learning.

Through questioning, student-led research and reflective presentation our young learners are able to make connections between their learning and the world around them.

Inclusive Environment

For students with additional language or learning needs, support is offered by our team of specialists – individually or in smaller groups.

Our teaching staff reflects our commitment to be an inclusive, courageous learning environment and represents a wide range of backgrounds that enrich our community.

We are proud to have built strong connections between our daily class life and our after school programme (Hort). Our international team of Hort educators support students in the classroom and beyond, and foster strong relationships with our all students.

Join Us!

We invite you to connect with a member of our Admissions team and arrange a tour that fits your family’s needs and schedule.

We offer personal tours onsite or virtually, guided by one of our Admissions team members, who will answer all your questions.