2020 IBDP and IGCSE Results

The COVID-19 pandemic caused what seemed at one point to be an existential crisis for our graduating classes of IB and IGCSE in the summer of 2020. The two external bodies – Cambridge and IBO – used different methods to calculate their final results due to the differing natures of their assessments, but both with mixed reactions from schools, students, parents and universities worldwide.

Without, again, going into the specifics of these calculations and their relative merits and issues, I say once again that our LIS students achieved remarkable results against this backdrop.

IBDP Results – 2020

For the IB Diploma, 7 of our students (14.3%) gained the globally acknowledged outstanding achievement of 40+ points, with Theo von Wilmowski – our Valedictorian for 2020 – gaining 44 points (out of 45) and gaining his place at Cambridge University, United Kingdom. Emily Rose Wagner (43 points) and Valentin Decker (42 points) also gained the Abitur 1.0. The other students gaining 40 points or more included Lucie Bezner (41), Samuel Hillyer (41), Merle Schwarzer (40), and Leon Bonnell (40). Congratulations to all of these students on their outstanding achievements.

This level of performance was not only restricted to those gaining top grades. 22.4% of our students gained between 36 and 39 points, meaning that 42.9% of the year group gained 36 points (Abitur 2.0) and above. Meanwhile, a further 49% of our students gained between 30 (Abitur 3.0) and 36 points, meaning that 85.6% of 2020 Graduates gained 30+ points (the World Average level for the IB Diploma), or an Abitur 3.0 or better. 100% of our students gained the full IB Diploma with at least 28 points (24 being the passing level). Again, many congratulations to everyone.

IGCSE Results – 2020

With the absence of coursework in almost all of the Cambridge IGCSE subjects and courses, Cambridge had to determine the students’ grades without any authentic and controlled student work to mark. That being said, they did the best they could in unprecedented circumstances, and our students’ results is a reflection of the excellent teaching they have received and learning they have exhibited throughout the two-year course. 87% of students gained the Realschulabschluss at the first attempt, meanwhile there was a high proportion of top grades (B and above) in all subjects. Special mention must be made of those students (14.6% of the cohort) who gained all A* or A grades in their IGCSE’s, an achievement worthy of recognition. Those seven students included Emre Atay, Ruben Sterzing, Tom Gacek, Julia Raithel-Hagemann, Eve Heinz, Anna Vander, and Sanjana Rajiv. Sanjana gained the A* grade in all nine of her subjects. Congratulations to all of these students and I wish you every success in your upcoming IB Diploma programme.

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