The First 100 Days: A Review for our Middle and Upper School Students

Thursday, 10th February marked the 100th day of the 2021/2022 school year – an ideal opportunity for reflection and review of the year to date as we take stock of the performing and visual art highlights, the sporting events hosted and participated in, enrichment activity opportunities taken, trips successfully held, mock examinations sat, learning managed and the challenges of COVID-19 mustered, among many, many more.

This Monday’s assemblies for Middle School and Upper School focused on some of these challenges and triumphs of the school year to date and culminated in the presentation of the Attainment and Endeavour awards for each tutor group.

The Attainment Award recognises outstanding academic performance over the course of the first 5 months. It followed an assessment of the report grades students were recently awarded which were derived from the Common Assessment Tasks completed and were presented to the top achieving student per form class.

The Endeavour Award was presented to those students exemplifying outstanding behaviour, engagement and effort as determined by their subject teachers and is recognition of their approach to learning.

Around 30 LIS students, from the Primary and Secondary schools, submitted artwork to represent our school in the 27th Children’s and Youth Art Exhibition “Alles Banane?”. Quite a number of students’ artworks were accepted and virtually displayed from 8 January to 27 February 2022! Congratulations to the following students: Ann-Sophie, Skadi, Berina, Ranya, Julius, David, Leonhard, Oliver, Alice, Amelia, Sienna!

And last but not least, in the area of mathematics and computer science, the successful participation in the Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest and the Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest was honoured.

Finally, whilst the first 100 days offer an opportunity for reflection, they also come at the time just before the winter break and offer the opportunity to approach the spring and summer terms of the school with a passion and excitement to continue to include, inquire and inspire.

We encouraged students to go above and beyond in lessons and continue to be a valuable member of the community in which they strive to make a difference and to: Take Care of Themselves, Take Care of Each Other and to Take Care of This Place.

Secondary Assistant Principal (Students)/Individuals & Societies Teacher

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